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Institute of Management Consultants NZ

Virtual keynote: Virtual Humanity (Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand)

Virtual Humanity—The next generation of intercultural challenges and solutions

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Virtual keynote: Virtual Humanity (Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand)

Time & Location

17 Nov 2021, 14:30 GMT+13 – 18 Nov 2021, 13:35 GMT+13

Institute of Management Consultants NZ

About the Event

In his keynote speech, intercultural leadership consultant Gabor  Holch presents cultural hurdles that followed businesses from physical  to virtual collaboration, and ones that sprang up with the ‘new normal’.  From his Asia-based worldwide consulting experience, he shares examples  of unexpected failures, and best practices that proved successful ways  to get results while nurturing  healthy and diverse communities around  global projects.

Details and registration:!event/2021/11/17/crossing-boundaries

The last few years have both united and isolated business people  across the globe. Flexible organisations, the cult of agility and remote  work technology tipped the balance from personal trust networks to  digitally connected technical problem-solvers.

The  recent pandemic accelerated the transition: anyone with a broadband  connection can be a global agent now, but fewer people have the insight  and access needed for constructive collaboration with people from  diverse locations, traditions, professions and life experiences. Digital  spaces look culturally neutral at first, but daily work soon reveals  wildly different approaches to working with strangers, creating and  managing teams, encouraging and rejecting ideas, sharing and evaluating  tasks and lots more.

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