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China misundertood: 3 videos & a shared conclusion

The last few weeks have been intensive video-wise. On top of my own latest video, a chat with soft power expert Daniele Carminati , I also featured in the Panda Profits Podcast and Frank Tsai 's China Crossroads video podcast (is that a "videocast"?)

The videos differ in genre, topic and style, but they all seem to wind towards an unavoidable conclusion about doing business and leadership in the China of today and probably tomorrow, and days after that, for the next decade or so...

China's soft power suffers in the West but stands strong in the so-called "global south" (still hate that term!), based on recent data explained by Daniele Carminati on our recorded video chat. East-West Leadership video:

What I wish I had known about China when I arrived there in 2002 may not serve anyone today, as the country recreates itself every decade. Can foreigners doing buisness with the PRC even figure out where it is and where it's going? Panda Profit video:

Tiny, confused and influential is China's expat community as they shoulder enormous economies across borders as their numbers keep shrinking. How can they gain some clarity across the Great Firewall and the fog of a new cold war? China Crossroads video:

The shared conclusion?

Most foreigners don't get China, for the simple reason that China doesn't want to be got—if you get what I mean. Restrictions on data, people and stuff across its border aren't there by accident or narrow-mindedness. Most foreign businesses failing while some succeeding spectacularly isn't a bug for the next decades of foreign business in China: it seems to be a deliberate feature.

Are you prepared to decode it and build it into your solution?

Let us know what you think.

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