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China+1: Where do multinationals go from China? (full webinar video)

Trade wars and COVID19 turned global supply chains upside-down and violently shook them. While politicians triumphantly point out winners and losers, executives and managers search for viable alternatives. In this East-West Leadership webinar we probe into a corporate strategy designed to surpass politics and pandemic. ‘China+1’ is the concept of balancing the increasing geopolitical and human resource risks in China with a wider Asian portfolio, where South-East Asian countries play an essential role. Leading American, European, Asian and even Chinese firms have engineered China+1 strategies in recent years, overcoming some of their China-induced problems but also facing new challenges in the process.

Shanghai-based intercultural leadership consultant Gabor Holch will discuss the potential, benefits, headaches, lessons and likely future of China+1 with Jurriaan Meyer, Technology Business Builder & Mentor, who after more of a decade in China now observes an increasing trend towards diversification into SE Asia. They will address the wider geopolitical context of economic and trade relations between China and ASEAN countries, the motivations and challenges of China-based firms moving some of their activities to China+1 destinations, and the impact of the current pandemic. Based on their first-hand coaching and advisory experience, they discuss the executive and human resource management skills needed to manage effective China+1 transitions. They will compare their impressions while living through COVID 19 in different locations and the prospects of Shanghai and up and coming Vietnamese metropolis Ho Chi Minh City. As usual, participants are welcome to share their questions and views.



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