Healthy conflict in teamwork—four cultures of 'storming' (free webinar)

The ideal level of conflict is probably the most misunderstood aspect of teamwork. As countless managers, leaders and academics have testified, ‘storming’ is an essential part of testing ideas. Teams that skip over the messy bit and assume quick agreement often find themselves stuck or divided later. But even those teams who know (from lectures, books or experience) the importance of constructive conflict see it differently depending on their personality, cultural background and professional profile. A French pharmaceutical sales team, Chinese automotive VPs and the leaders of a South-East Asian agri-business have different ideas of a healthy ‘storming’ session.

In this free East-West Leadership webinar, Shanghai-based intercultural leadership consultant Gabor Holch presents four alternative cultures of ‘storming’ in teamwork, based on the cultural styles used in the ICF-certified Global DISC assessment and coaching system. How do teams come to consensus in the ‘shark tanks’ of dominant risk-takers, creative ‘rap battles’ of extroverts, the ‘village summits’ of service-minded cultures and perfectionist technical teams? And what happens when individual members or sub-teams represent different cultural ‘storming’ styles? Beyond Gabor’s 20+ years of worldwide consulting experience, the webinar is open to discuss cases brought by participants.

Date & time: 2021 June 10, 16:00-17:30 Beijing time (Convert with

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