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The end of China's golden age and Dragon Suit webinar (video)

"To all appearances, 2014 was a great year to be an expatriate manager in China. Twenty-five years after the country started re-engaging with the capitalist world, people had the cash and appetite for all things foreign. Wristwatches, bicycles, and television sets were the trinity of middle- class aspirations no more: Chinese people wanted Rolexes, BMWs, and multiplex cinemas featuring Hollywood blockbusters. It was in this upbeat atmosphere that the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, a prestigious lobbying institution, declared in one of its annual publications: “The ‘golden age’ for business in China is drawing to a close.”

A week before the publication of "Dragon Suit: The golden age of expatriate executives in China", at this book pre-launch webinar we sampled from the book and discussed a few key issues of expat life and careers in China, including:

- Differences between what is good for China and what is good for foreign businesses in China.

- How China's expat scene has changed over time, especially during the pandemic and China's "zero-COVID" regime.

- What kind of careers the next generation of foreigners can expect from living in China.

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