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Expat careers in the coming decade (webinar video)

Are expats the next professional demographic to fall victim to virtual work? In my first East-West Leadership webinar after a summer break, I (intercultural leadership consultant Gabor Holch) asked seasoned global career coach Peter Hill about the prospects of building or continuing global careers for the decade shaped by the pandemic.

Is the classic expat career dead? How much of it can go online? Which expat skills are transferable to remote work? How do digital nomads change the picture? Who will run global businesses if not globe-trotting expat executives? Most importantly, what are the best strategies for those who pursue global careers? Peter helps us clarify these and other essential dilemmas based on his decade-long coaching, consulting and academic experience spanning across three continents.

We go back with Peter at least ten years, to the time when he was Senior Director for Global Career Advancement, and I occasional guest lecturer and keynote speaker, at Hult International Business School in Shanghai. Back then, we discussed the future of global expat careers, especially in an East-West context. Now that future is here, and I am confident that the combination of the leadership and career development angles will result in something insightful.

Date & time: 2021 September 16, 15:00-16:30 Beijing time

Platform: Zoho (click & join)

Attendance fee: Free for all

Peter Hill is a Career Coach to Expat Executives around the world. For the past 20+ years in private practice and in higher education leadership, has been helping global business professionals gain control of their career trajectory. His professional footprint comprises 9 years in China, 6 years in Japan, 2 years in the UK, and 10+ years in the US. He is Managing Consultant of Peter Hill International, an award-winning career coaching practice, and he is the creator of the Intelligent Career Design coaching and training program that helps put an end to accidental careers.

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