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Free webinar on new China strategies by global think-tanks

Since it abruptly ended its equally abruptly imposed “zero-COVID” policy, China’s business environment has been changing at head-spinning speeds. In addition to the large systemic changes I tried to describe in my article ‘Why business with China will never be the same again’ a year ago, each day seems to present China-facing businesspersons with new restriction removals, regulations, initiatives and again, more restrictions. The only constant seems to be change, and most managers, executives and boardrooms are giving up predicting the next big turn of their markets.

But China still remains a top market for many international businesses. Some global firms withdraw some of their activities from the PRC, adding up to about a 10% withdrawal of multinationals according to different independent sources. But most companies remain, and try to navigate a changing politico-economic environment the way they mitigate risks coming from the weather: predictably unpredictable. Catering to the resulting demand, global think-tanks have recently published several papers with analysis and recommendations on new China strategies for multinational companies. How useful are these papers for actual managers whose careers and livelihoods are subject to Beijing’s policies? As I coach multinational executives doing business with China, I often hear that they have read the latest McKinsey or Roland Berger strategy paper, but still wonder the “So what?” question. How can understanding China’s big-picture transformation today turn into better decisions, sustainable sales pipelines, more constructive relationships with local employees, customers and suppliers and more bearable workloads tomorrow? At our next free East-West Leadership webinar 6 April, 2023 we discuss these questions based on a few strategy papers I read from reputable institutions. See the details at my event page. If you are someone with the motivation, time and patience to read up on the topic beforehand, take a look at a couple of papers I will also share on my social media with my comments soon, including:

The New China Story by Roland Berger The China imperative for multinational companies by McKinsey Then visit my events page and join the upcoming free webinar to hear my opinion on the practical applications of these strategy papers, listen to the experience of fellow participants and if you prefer, share your own stories, suggestions and questions. My next events:

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