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Shocked by your native culture? (Live Mentoring event online)

There can be many reasons why someone experiences culture shock with the place where they come from. Most recently, I hear this from returning expats: the pandemic sent many of them home (willingly or reluctantly) after several years abroad. Foreigners formerly living in China, the topic of my next book Dragon Suit, have told me lots about this 'reverse culture shock', as more than half of them left the country according to the EU Chamber of Commerce.

But people can also feel disconnected, annoyed or amused with their native culture after extended work experience in a culturally different environment such as a foreign firm or an industry with a unique culture, frequent international travel, coming from a culturally mixed marriage, many foreign friends or marrying into a family with different cultural roots. Either way, the shock is there and can present both challenges and opportunities.

This is why I made culture shock with your native culture the topic of my first 'Live Mentoring' event on April 13. I started Live Mentoring for people who have told me they want to do more than just read my articles and watch my videos, but can't (or won't) invest in full coaching, training or online learning. These events will be small (usually 5-10 people including me) and much more interactive than webinars (no presentation, just discussion).

The first Live Mentoring event is a great time to join my Patreon community and stay there for 1-2 similar events a month, interaction with my most active followers and enjoy the benefits of membership that I will work hard to continuously improve.

We only have a few Patreon members now, so join as an early bird.

  • If you join for EUR 3 now, you can remain at EUR 3 for life even after Dragon Suit is published.

  • Once Dragon Suit has been published, membership will increase to EUR 5 per month.

  • Otherwise, you can join this one event for the same amount as the full (non-early-bird) membership.

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