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Gabor Holch’s speeches address the challenges and triumphs of international executives on East-West assignments: intercultural research, live cases and above all, stories of managers he advised, coached and interviewed over 20 years of consulting.

An expat since age 4, Gabor developed his passion for cultural diversity into an early career in diplomacy before he transitioned to consulting. He moved to China in 2002 and became the first foreigner granted a Certified Management Consultant degree in Mandarin Chinese. In 2005 he founded his Shanghai-based business, Campanile Management Consulting.

Since his first conference keynote as a graduate student in 1998, Gabor has keynotes or major speeches at worldwide corporate events, conferences and academic forums, including:

  • West & East in Change, International Council of Management Consulting Institutions (Vilnius, 2013)

  • Certified Management Consultants International Conference (Noordwijk, 2015)

  • Annual meeting, Scania China, keynote (Hangzhou, 2017)

  • Annual meeting, IRC Worldwide (Shanghai, 2017)

  • TEDx Fuxing Park (Shanghai, 2018)

  • Bayer Finance Academy (Leverkusen, 2018)

  • Linkes: Business Opportunities in China 2019 (Madrid, 2018)

  • The West Lake Culture Forum, keynote (Hangzhou, 2019)

  • Annual meeting, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Hong Kong, 2019)

  • Maxxelli Global Mobility Summit (Shanghai, 2019)

  • OSCE Conference on Using 21st Century Tools to Transform the Public Sector (Vienna, 2019)

  • TEDx TianShan Park (virtual, 2020)

  • UnEast UnConference (virtual, 2021)

  • United Nations Career Development Roundtable (virtual, 2021)

  • Annual meeting of SEB Bank China, keynote (Shanghai, 2021)

  • 14th Annual Women’s Symposium 2021 (Zhengzhou, 2021)

  • The EU SME Centre's 'Learn About China' Programme, keynote (virtual, 2021)

  • New Zealand Certified Management Consultants conference, keynote (virtual, 2021)

  • Annual meeting of Roland Berger China, keynote (Shanghai, 2021)

  • Big In Asia Conference (Tallinn, 2022)


"I attended Gabor's keynote speeches at international conferences and always found his storytelling very enriching and entertaining. His respectful understanding of cultural differences enables him to advise how to handle intercultural business relationships constructively."

Paolo Sironi, Author and FinTech Thought Leader

IBM Watson Financial Services

"Gabor’s speech was extremely well received and he had the audience in the palm of his hand from the first few seconds."

Alastair James McTavish, Managing Director

Captivate Training & Consulting

"Gabor always impresses the crowd with his level of experience in China and the way he is able to translate it into clear and practical learning points."

Sergio Martin Bello, Senior Content Analyst

Arvato Financial Solutions

Moments from past speeches
Big in Asia, Tallinn 2022
Big in Asia, Tallinn, 2022
Gabor Holch keynote China 2019
Gabor Holch keynote China 2019
Hangzhou interview Gabor Holch
ICMCI Amman Jordan 2023
Scania China keynote Gabor Holch
Business in China speech Gabor Holch
IRC conference panel - Gabor Holch
Intercultural skills Gabor Holch
TEDx Shanghai Gabor Holch 1
TEDx Shanghai Gabor Holch 2
United Nations event - Gabor Holch
Gabor Holch at Linkes Madrid
Madrid interview Gabor Holch
Bayer Academy Leverkusen Gabor Holch
Hong Kong lecture - Gabor Holch
AB-InBev 2019 Aug Gabor Holch
China SME EU Chamber - Gabor Holch
ACFE Hong Kong - Gabor Holch
Shanghai startup event - Gabor Holch
Pyongyang HR lecture - Gabor Holch
Karachi 2018 Gabor Holch
Beijing interview 2007 Gabor Holch
CREIA 2011 keynote Gabor Holch
China business lecture - Gabor Holch
Gabor Holch German Chamber Shanghai EU-C
Hungary-China Business Forum Gabor Holch
Hungary-China Business Forum Gabor Holch
Gabor Holch and Paolo Sironi panel China
Gabor Holch virtual keynote EU SME 2021
Gabor Holch speech Who Should Run Your China Business
China-Visegrad4 Green Energy Conference 2021
World Innovators Meet Winning in China Gabor Holch keynote 2021
IMCNZ Gabor Holch keynote 2021
Dragon Suit China keynote, Shanghai
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