“Every so-called weakness is the flip-side of an unused talent.”

This sentence is the foundation of this booklet as well as my blog, workshops and coaching. It is a life philosophy with profound practical implications.

Human talent is overwhelmingly diverse and complex, like many other life functions. All people are born with talent, like we are born with the ability to feel our body, become aware of our thought and learn new facts.


But in a civilised society, we often ignore those instincts, sometimes for our own good (we ignore an itch, dismiss a disturbing thought or stop before we smash something in anger), at others we act against our best interest (like when we ignore hunger on a busy day, or stay in a hated job).


Talent is the natural instinct to seek out activities and people that inspire us. It is the ability to spot tasks we enjoy, problems we can solve and causes we cherish. Following one’s talent is one of the greatest things that can happen to a person, and their community. 


This booklet is designed to give you a gentle first nudge if you consider your personal talent for the first time, new ideas if you have already followed that journey for a while.

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