Gabor Holch

Gabor Holch is an intercultural leadership coach, consultant, speaker and author specialised in East-West executive assignments and business relations. He supports corporate executives and public-sector leaders in succeeding across national and cultural boundaries instead of getting lost in translation.

An expat since age 4, Gabor transitioned from diplomacy to consulting, moved to China in 2002 and became China’s first foreigner granted a Certified Management Consultant degree in Mandarin Chinese. In 2005 he founded his Shanghai-based business, Campanile Management Consulting.

He has advised, coached and trained leaders for 100+ clients in 25+ countries through his own firm, partner consultancies and the business academies of half a dozen multinational corporations. He has spoken at conferences and corporate events and lectured at business programmes in Europe and Asia. He currently splits his time between his Shanghai base and international jobs, mainly in the Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Gabor holds degrees in languages, international relations and diplomacy, a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) degree and certifications in several assessment and coaching methodologies. He has written three books and published about a hundred articles for academic and business publications.

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Over the years, Gabor has advised, trained and coached a wide array of organisations, teams and individuals. The following list of companies and the highest level of management directly involved isn't complete, but quite close.

AB InBev (HRD) | AkzoNobel (HRD) | Alcatel-Lucent (MD) | Ashland (Dep. Head) | ASYS (GM) | 
Bayer (GM) | Baosight (GM) | Benteler (MD) | BKV (HRD) | BMW (GM) | BorgWarner (HRD) | Bracco (HRD) | 
Cabot (HRM) | Calyon (HRD) | Carrefour Transmart (MD) | CEU (Unit Head) | Coherent (GM) | Covestro (MD) | 
Danieli (MD) | DEIF (MD) | Deutsche Bank (GM) | Diacron (GM) | DSM (MD) | 
Ecco (GM) | EY (MD) | EMZ (MD) | 
Ferrero (HRD) | Four Seasons (HRD) | 
GEA (HRD) | GeoPro (GM) | 
Henkel (HRD) | Home Credit (HRM) | Howard-Johnson (HRD) | Huntsman (MD)| Husqvarna (HRD) | 
Ipsen (CEO) | IKEA (GM) | 
Jacobs (MD) | Jabra (MD) | JinJiang (GM) | Johnson & Johnson (GM) | 
LAM Research (GM) | LANXESS (HRD) | LBBW (MD) | Logitech (GM) | 
Maersk (GM) | Medicor (GM) | Melchers (MD) | Merck (GM) | Metso (MD) | Methanex (GM) | MSC (HRD) | 
New Look (HRM) | NetPincér (GM) | Nissan (GM) | Nokia (GM) | 
Patek Philippe (MD) | Pepsico (HRD) | PharmaLink (GM) | Pintuu (GM) | PSA (HRD) | Primy (GM) | 
Ramada (HRD) | 
Scania (MD) | Schneider Electric (HRD) | Schuler (CEO) | SEB (MD) | Seymour-Cooke (GM) | Steinway & Sons (GM) | Stiefel (GM) | St. Regis (HRD) | 
Target (HRD) | Tebodin (MD) | ThyssenKrupp TK (CEO) | Tradeland (MD) | TÜV SÜD (VP) | 
Voith (Pres) |
Wacker (CEO) | Wakefield (CEO) | WEG (MD) | Walt Disney (HRD) | 
XinPeng (MD) | 
ZF (CEO) |

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