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Most people enter international leadership roles unprepared.

Gabor Holch learned this lesson as a junior diplomat when he became Head of an Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) Field Office at at age 30—a crash-course in leading a senior international team under pressure. Since he moved to Asia and transitioned to management consulting in 2002, he has advised, coached and trained senior managers and executives for 100+ clients in 25+ countries. Gabor partners with global thought leaders to include the latest methods in leadership and intercultural management in his coaching and workshops. His programmes follow a simple sequence:

PREPARATION by assessment and fact-finding.

AWARENESS of the goals, natural strengths and challenges of participating executives or teams.

SKILLS to apply the latest of leadership science to daily work.

HABITS that become the second nature of leaders and their teams.

Of course, the test of the pudding is eating and the test of leadership skills improvement is doing. Reach out to experience a taste of intensive, assessment-based executive coaching or receive a customised offer to develop your team's intercultural, leadership skills or both.

East-West Leadership

International business leaders must juggle the conflicting value systems of local, national and corporate cultures. They must turn confusion into direction. Gabor's intercultural leadership coaching usually takes 20 hours. At monthly discussions, it accompanies leaders from an awareness of their natural strengths to more constructive habits to empower and engage self and others. It includes:

  • Assessment: personality & intercultural compatibility

  • Awareness: Natural leadership style, strengths & goals

  • Skills: Strategy, delegation & motivation across cultures

  • Habits: Application, feedback and improvement

What comes next?

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Leading Culturally Diverse Teams
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Do otherwise productive people in your team struggle to work together constructively? Are they slowed down by gaps and clashes between generations, nationalities, genders or their professional specialisation? Gabor's intercultural teamwork programme usually includes 3-6 workshop days in a physical or virtual space, and includes:

  • Assessment: Personal & team culture & strengths

  • Awareness: talent diversity & key challenges

  • Skills: Matching talents & tasks with team roles

  • Habits: Teamwork tasks between sessions & feedback

E-learning: Global DISC assessment + learning video

The fastest and easiest way to get your full Global DISC behavioural profile and learn about its applications is this e-learning course. You receive the assessment link by email, complete the assessment in one of the 10+ languages available, then receive your PDF profiles and login details to view a 15-minute learning video. You will probably want to stop and read certain sections of the document while you watch the video, which you can do as long and as many times as you want within 3 months from the time you register.

ASSESSMENT + LEARNING VIDEO + EXERCISES  = EUR 270 (currency converter):

- Personal Global DISC profile, 40 pages

- Comparative Global DISC profile, your profile compared with 1-2 chosen countries, 13 pages

- 3-month access to the e-learning course 'What does your Global DISC profile really mean?'

Contact me to ask for details or register.

Watch this video intro about my e-learning.

Click here for e-learning course details.

Speed Coaching: Assessment+2 intensive coaching sessions

Get down to business! Choose an issue, project or person of top concern and let's discuss them over two intensive intercultural leadership coaching sessions supported by cutting-edge assessment data:

2 WEEKS, 2 SESSIONS, EUR 675 (currency converter)

Option 1:

  • Global DISC assessment for one participant

  • 2 x one-hour online or phone coaching

  • Written improvement suggestions at the end

Option 2:

  • Assessment for participant + 2 colleagues of choice

  • 2 x 30 minutes of online or phone coaching

  • Written improvement suggestions at the end

Contact me to discuss the details and schedule a time.

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Thank you! I'll get back to you soon.

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