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Do foreign advertisers finally grasp the Chinese New Year spirit? (video)

There were no outrages this year about misbegotten marketing campaigns, but the curious world of Chinese New Year still confuses foreign firms that that advertise for the festive season.

Some foreign brands still do much better than others. In this video, I explore an entertaining spectrum of marketing hits and misses—from amusing cultural missteps to surprisingly successful campaigns that master the art of localization, with examples from Adidas, Burberry, Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Lancôme, LEGO, Nike, Watsons and many more.

But it’s not just about advertising. The failures and successes of Chinese New Year commercials have profound universal lessons for leaders of international firms, in China and elsewhere, about intercultural business success.

Anyone doing business in or with China can draw useful lessons for successful intercultural cooperation.

Don’t dismiss local traditions: Discover why Chinese New Year is a dynamic celebration, far from the tranquillity of Christmas.

Don’t just pretend to localise: Witness amusing attempts by some foreign firms that either miss the cultural mark or get stuck with a home-grown mindset.

Learn how locals see their own traditions, in this case, Chinese New Year, which is: dynamic, conflicted and loud!

I made the video to visually showcase what seems to be successful advertising localization by local and foreign firms.

- Unveil the unexpected theme of family conflict that simmers beneath the festive surface.

- Marvel the unique visual language of Chinese New Year, where "tacky" becomes a marketing asset.

- Explore success stories of global companies that capture the spirit and quirks of Chinese New Year.

- Learn how smart marketing navigates the delicate balance of tradition, dynamism and their corporate values.

Localization at its best:

- The secrets of international brands that combine these unique elements, creating campaigns that resonate with Chinese audiences.

- Witness how these brands represent their identity while celebrating the vibrancy and eccentricity of Chinese New Year.

Get ready for cultural rollercoasters and fireworks as we unbox the good, the bad, the awkward and the brilliantly ironic in Chinese New Year marketing. 恭喜发财!!!🧧🧧🧧

Click the image to start the Dragon Year with my Dragon Suit executive coaching:


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