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East-West Leadership challenges in 2024 (free webinar)

Remote work, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, economies, elections, supply chain disruptions: 2024 will be an eventful year for leaders of international projects, teams and firms. In my first free Live Mentoring webinar of 2024, we ewill discuss ways to select and prepare people for leadership responsibilities in a rapidly changing time, where new challenges pop up almost daily, and experience does not prepare people for noticing new opportunities.

Meet executives, Human Resources professionals and consultants to discuss at the start of the New Year:

  • Should managers be able to deal with geopolitics, and if they do, how can they prepare themselves?

  • How do new technologies change the way companies must find, recruit, train and support leadership talent?

  • Which managers adapt naturally to new challenges, and which of them needs help from teams & bosses?

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This free webinar is held at a Zoom call whose details you will receive immediately on registration:

Time Zones: Please check your time zone and event details. This webinar will start at:

11:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)

18:00 GMT+8 (Beijing)

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