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Leadership beyond culture shock (free webinar)

What worries you these days?

In my free webinars, blog posts and YouTube videos I collect the main issues I hear from executive coaching and leadership workshop clients, and condense them into short sessions that turn into useful skills even if someone cannot (or doesn't want to) work with me in person. In recent weeks, that main issue is connecting with people over time zones, continents and cultures.

Remote work gave us the promise that we can conjure leads, clients, business partners, colleagues, mentors and even bosses with a few mouse clicks. The companies that sell apps to us (and our companies) promise efficient virtual spaces where distance and cultural differences do not matter. As we gradually discover, it is an illusion.

According to a Deloitte study and many others, corporate travel is reaching pre-pandemic levels because business is based on trust, trust is based on familiarity, which in turn comes from personal encounters. Companies realise that older managers are much more effective if they can meet their stakeholders in person, and younger ones need help developing the interpersonal and intercultural skills that their seniors take for granted. Those skills, by the way, are needed both on- and offline.

Are you curious why people find it so hard to connect and collaborate across cultures (not to mention getting anything done)? Why most aren’t even aware of the problem?

Join this FREE 1-hour webinar with East-West Leadership coach & consultant Gabor Holch, where we discuss: 

  • Why mangers misunderstand the causes, nature and consequences of culture shock.

  • Applicable strategies & practical tips for intercultural communication, sales, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

  • How you and your team should prepare for crossing cultural barriers in your daily business.

I will present stories from my 20-year experience connecting firms in Europe and Asia, and from my recent book Dragon Suit: The golden age of expatriate executives in China. The webinar gives you an opportunity to compare your experience with both disastrous and glorious examples of intercultural sales, entrepreneurship and leadership, and draw practical lessons for approaching your own international business with a genuine global mindset.

🌏 Date: 2024 April 25

⏰ Time Zones: Please check your time zone and event details. This webinar will start at:

11:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)

17:00 GMT+8 (Beijing)

This free webinar is held at a Zoom call whose details you will receive immediately on registration.


Are you interested in the topic but cannot join the webinar? Schedule a free 15-minute enquiry call about my coachig or workshops:


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