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Don’t miss this train: Free webinar on "China-speed"

China's speed is admired in many forms: its sleek rapid trains, the way its electric car companies charge ahead, its instantaneous home-order firms, even the way it is catching up with two missed centuries into modernity.

"China speed" is feared as well as envied. People love budget cars as long as they are safe, reliable, don't eavesdrop on passengers and won't end up as hazardous waste in a few years. Europe would love to get home-orders in 15 minutes but doesn't count unregistered migrant deliverymen as a viable business model.

Is China building a railway to the future or a runaway train? The world hasn't made up its mind and whichever it is, wants to be on board voluntarily and wants to know where the ride is heading. Meanwhile, virtually any business worldwide must either learn to do business in China or to deal with Chinese competition in their home markets.

I have seem the best and worst of "China speed" while working in China for 20+ years, and preparing international executivs and leadership teams how to work with it.

In my free webinar this week, I will share why China's government and citizens insist on fast-forward lives, why it works in international business, why foreign businesses struggle to keep up and why they should not try to hard to copy "China speed", crafting alternative strategies instead.

Join us and bring your own horror story or triumphant tale about working for, against or with "China speed".

Participants receive:

  • A PDF worksheet of my new China localisation tool,

  • An extract on China speed from my 2023 book Dragon Suit,

  • A 30% discount code for my May 30 online workshop: see my events page.

🌏 Date: 2024 May 9

⏰ Time Zones: Please check your time zone and event details. This webinar will start at:

11:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)

17:00 GMT+8 (Beijing)

This free webinar is held at a Zoom call whose details you will receive immediately on registration.

Are you interested in the topic but cannot join the webinar? Schedule a free 15-minute enquiry call about my coachig or workshops:


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